Add Multiple Product Items On Opportunity at One Go by using the Enhanced add product experience

Recently, one of our clients requested a feature for their salespeople to smartly add multiple products on Opportunities at one go (using the web and mobile apps).

Microsoft recently released this new feature with the enhanced experience, so that salespeople can:

  • Efficiently search for products and View product details inline.
  • Compare products before selecting them.
  • Add multiple products in one go.

Since this feature is still under preview, we couldn’t enable it on our client’s production environment however, it’s a great feature to increase efficiency for salespeople even when they are on the go.

So, let’s have a look at this feature.


  • Dynamics 365 app, version 9.0 and later with Unified Interface enabled.
  • Dynamics 365: 2020 Release Wave 1

Enable the enhanced experience:

Follow below steps to enable the enhanced add product experience on Sales Hub

Step 1: Log in to Sales Hub using the Admin account and navigate to the ‘App Setting” option.

Navigate to App Setting

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Product Catalog Setting’ option and enable the “Enhanced add product experience” option.

Click on Apply button.

Enable the enhanced experience option from App Settings

This can also be done via System settings.

Enable the enhanced experience option from System Settings

Add opportunity products by using the enhanced experience:

Once we have enabled this option, we can now add opportunity products by using the enhanced experience.

Step 1: Navigate to Opportunity view and open an opportunity from the list view.

Step 2: In the Product Line Items grid, click on “Add products”, The Quick Create: Opportunity Product pane opens.

View the Opportunity to add products

Step 3: On the Add Product page, click on + button to add quantity for all the products you want to select for this opportunity.

Click on ‘Add to Opportunity’ button to add all selected products to the Opportunity.

Add products using enhanced experience

Adding multiple products on the mobile app, to enable salespeople to work efficiently on the go.

Add products on mobile app
Add products on mobile app
Use enhanced experience on mobile phone

Following ‘Tabs’ are shown on the web and mobile forms:

  • Products: This tab lists all the products and product bundles that are in the Active or Revised state. Along with entering the product name, it’s also possible for you to enter the price per unit and quantity. By default, 25 products are shown. Select Load more to see more products. On this tab, you can search and filter the list of products and select the one you want to add. If you’ve selected a price list for the opportunity, the product list is filtered to show only those product records that have the same price list associated.
  • Recently Used: This tab lists the last 15 products that the currently logged-in user has recently added to any opportunity.
  • Write-In: This tab lets you create and add a write-in product.
  • Selected: This tab shows the count of the products selected to be added to the opportunity. Use this tab to verify or modify the final list of the items you’ve selected.

Important Note: Since this is a preview feature, it is only available on the opportunity entity at the moment. Hopefully, it would be added to other entities in the sales process like the quote, invoice or order.

Hope you find this post helpful.

Please drop your questions or suggestions in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading.

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