Dynamics 365 Attachments on Azure Blob Storage using the Attachment Management Add-in

The Attachment Management Add-in is out there on the AppSource for quite some time, I recently enabled it for an internal Dynamics 365 implementation where the native SharePoint integration couldn’t be used due to the multiple tenant authentication issues and the new storage model licence wasn’t there to store/attach documents on default CDS file storage.

This add-on feature is to manage note and email attachments using the Azure Blob storage which will enable users to create and maintain files stored on Azure Blob via the Dynamics 365 app.

If someone is previously using this add-on, in the latest release, we also have a choice to move to default CDS file storage instead of a Custom Blob storage.

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Create Segments using Customer Insights and Execute with Dynamics 365 Marketing

In my previous posts, I mentioned about how we can leverage Customer Insights to build unique customer profiles, create measures / KPI and display the demographics in Dynamics 365 Apps using customer card add-in.

To continue this series of posts on Customer Insights, let’s talk about what we can do with Segments.

This post is about using those unique profiles & KPI to build segments and extend these segments to execute marketing campaigns / customer journeys using Dynamics 365 Marketing.  We’ll target to achieve the following:

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Add Multiple Product Items On Opportunity at One Go by using the Enhanced add product experience

Recently, one of our clients requested a feature for their salespeople to smartly add multiple products on Opportunities at one go (using the web and mobile apps).

Microsoft recently released this new feature with the enhanced experience, so that salespeople can:

  • Efficiently search for products and View product details inline.
  • Compare products before selecting them.
  • Add multiple products in one go.

Since this feature is still under preview, we couldn’t enable it on our client’s production environment however, it’s a great feature to increase efficiency for salespeople even when they are on the go.

So, let’s have a look at this feature.

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View Customer Insights stats within Dynamics 365 CE (Customer Card Add-in)

By using Customer Card Add-in we can get a 360-degree view of customers within Dynamics 365 apps (such as Sales Hub or Customer Service Hub) and view their demographics, insights, and activity timelines with the Dynamics 365.

In my previous posts, we talked about how we can ingest the purchase (eCommerce or POS) data associated with these unique customer profiles to build various measures in Customer Insights, In continuance to that, let’s see how we can extend this information to CE and visualise the Customer Insights demographics, segments, measures/KPIs, and activity timelines within Dynamics 365 Sales Hub using the Customer Card Add-in.

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